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Sample Plan: Fabrica is a provider of woven fabric samples from the KS Loom, which gives buyers the chance to see the actual colors and feel the precise texture of what they desire in less than one-tenth the time usually required for making samples with a production-weaving machine. The business plan include an executive summary, Company, People, Product, Market, Marketing Strategy, Operations Strategy, Financial Plan and The Deal.

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Business Plan: Executive Summary Think of the executive summary as the only part of the business plan most readers will study. Even if they go through the whole plan, what you want them to remember is the information in the executive summary.

Writing Tip: Business Context - Provide information that will give the reader an understanding of the larger market that you are in. Talk about growth potential, new products, and economic trends.

The Business Plan is perhaps the most important document an entrepreneur can create. The business plan helps guide the direction of any new company.

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